These past few years we have been getting acquainted with multitouch hardware and software. The release of the iPhone in 2007, the popularity of the iPad, Android based systems, and the installation of touch systems at railway stations and airports, on stands at trade shows and exhibitions, retail settings, the marketing suite and the conference room has led to a steady rising integration of these platforms into our life and work environment.

It is imperative for any software to be designed in exciting new ways for clients to interact with,  interactions that will be noticed, appreciated and remembered.

By taking an innovative approach towards development of multitouch software for multiple platforms, be it mobile or large multi-touch screens in conjunction with i/e spreadsheets, real time data or iBeacons.

Touchez believes the best UX (User Experience) is obtained from the fluid interaction of multiple disciplines involving interface design, development, testing its usability and assure its quality.

The software we use is built to work with any type of input device. Multitouch of course, but also gesture recognition, tag readers, Beacon technology and more.

Using our multi-touch software so it can take any URL as an input and display a corresponding QR code. Create take-home information or feedback on the fly for kiosk visitors without knowing in advance which information will spur their interest.

We can build linkage between any visual element and external data, enabling interactive experiences to update their content on the fly.

For the board room, the classroom, the tradeshow, the showroom, the museum, the store, the sales call. Your content, the multi-touch software way. Fully interactive applications with cutting edge appeal, functional depth and endless capability. Besides it is possible to reuse all of your pre-existing media – images, videos, documents, websites and audio tracks to create fully branded interactive applications directly targeted at your audience, to make a unique user experience, built for interactivity.

Sectors where multitouch software, in conjunction with other technology, can be applied to:

Corporate: multimedia presentations inside the boardroom, interactive whiteboard, digital reception, wayfinding and collaborative work .

Retail: wayfinding, interact with large multitouch walls, iBeacons in conjunction with mobile or large screens, product info and selector, fitting room, post a selfie to Facebook, self service and customer survey.

Museums: iBeacons in conjunction with objects and mobile apps or larger screens, wayfinding, visitor survey and / or quick satisfaction poll,  displaying collections in photo and video formats for the visitors to engage with and take home, self service kiosks with payment terminal and welcome screen.

Hospitality: share brochures to take home, information points, video jukebox, wayfinding, welcome screens, visitor satisfaction surveys, digital menu board, self service in conjunction with RFID cards and lobby info/entertainment.

Banking and Government: customer satisfaction survey, share brochures to take home, digital reception, company presentations, product portfolio and selector, interactive whiteboard and brochure selector.

Education: play, view, learn and collaborate, presentations with multimedia and documents, surveys that can be checked in an online environment, wayfinding,  and digital brochures to view PDF documents, Videos, Timeline presentations and browse through categorized image libraries.

Events: brochure selector to take home, Twitter/Instagram wall, customer survey and feedback, wayfinding, post a selfie to Facebook, branded games with scoreboard, presenting PDFs, photos and videos all in one window while doing a talk, product selector and displaying collections in photo and video formats for the visitors to engage with and take home.

Healthcare: digital reception, brochure Selector and PDF request by email, messaging display, collaboration software solution for people with dementia (coming soon), digital menu board in conjunction with RFID cards, patient treatment information and satisfaction surveys and kids games.

Marketing suites: mapping and wayfinding including current portfolio set at specific coordinates, brochure selector to take home, customer survey and feedback, company presentation and product portfolio  selector.