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Transparent Fridge section updated.

Transparent Fridge section updated.

Recently our Korean partner and manufacture had brought out new and up to date models of the 24″, 32″ and 49 inch transparent fridges. This time they include LGP (Light Guide Plate) technology. This is beneficial for companies who use dark bottles (i/e Budweiser, Coke and Pepsi) and gives a much better and above all crispier graphic display viewing.

Please go HERE to read all about it with videos and specification sheets for the three transparent LCD fridges.







BBC does it again

This time the Beeb purchased a slightly larger panel from us (32″) and used it for their program Will Britain Ever Have a Prime Minister featuring David Harewood. The difference this time compared to the Horizon program “The Dark Web” was that the graphics and David Harewood had a much more prevalent presence. Check out the video below.

Personally I find the usage transparent LCD screens in combination with  people and its graphical content a very interesting approach and opens the door for more opportunities than just highlighting a product.