Welcome to Touchez, interactive and immersive solutions!

Touchez (pronounced: tu-shay) provides immersive experiences for your workflow, marketing suite, retail setting,  or event and to improve interactivity between humans and computers using a Natural User Interface in combination with the latest hardware.

NUI (Natural User Interface) is the common parlance used by designers and developers of human-machine interfaces to refer to, a user interface that is effectively invisible, and remains invisible with the user experience as its maximum goal.

This UX can be translated into many facets of our daily and professional lives.

Interact with each other in a collaborative work environment , share documentation and media from and to a mobile device. Increase your speed of decision making with  Real-time analytics. Engage your audience with social media visualisations. Combine nearables like beacons with multitouch screens. Immerse your clients with  visual presentations 

Interactive technology to enhance the immersive interactions!

Through our experience at Touchez we recognise the importance that any developmental intervention needs to deliver real and relevant results fast, be this for software or hardware.

With this in mind we work closely with our clients to develop bespoke programs and hardware for both teams and Individuals. We focus on delivering results that are real, relevant and measurable.