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NUI World Talk Proposal for Digital Shoreditch

We have proposed a talk about NUI for the Digital Shoreditch Festival from the 11th to the 24th of  May,  held at Shoreditch Town Hall.

Our subject as stated above will be NUI, which stands for Natural User Interface, we will discuss its history, how it has progressed over many different  facets in technology and its future in a 20-30 minute talk, that is if we get the right amount of votes.

NUI World by Touchez

We seem to be on the right track with just under 50 votes so far, but there is still a week to go and we could really do with your vote, be it from your PC, laptop, tablet and/or mobile phone. Or all of them together ;)

Please help and vote for NUI World and anyone who votes for our session  will be in with a chance to win an Exclusive Pass for themselves and 3 of their colleagues or friends.

What are you waiting for, it does not take more than ten seconds to do this! Just click on the ‘thumbs up’ icon, and if you wish to attend as well then please add your name and email address otherwise just click no and move on.

Thank you and we hope to see you there.