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ISE 2018

ISE 2018.

Last year we gave ISE a miss due to work commitments, but also because Touchez had been there 5 times in a row already. This year we went for 2 days to see what was happening. Like every other ISE we had been to the LG stand was our first port of call. We were pleasantly surprised once entering the hall and seeing that on the stand Transparent OLED had made a comeback, both Samsung and LG had stopped producing them for more than a year and compared to normal Transparent LCD screen the difference is huge when it comes to quality of the content.



LG Transparent OLED screen, ISE 2018. Pic.: Bartolomy.

Then the curved OLED wall was something else, no doubt many companies enquired about this…..

LG Curved OLED Wall ISE 2018. Pic.: Bartolomy.

Overall many major brands have focused on the so called collaborative work environment, something that was already put forward with multitouch tables 8 years ago. But in this case most stands had copied the Microsoft Surface Hub in part and one needs to ask what the point is with trying to copy this concept in part compared to the MS Surfacehub which uses all its products which are used within most companies.

Hypervision  a London based company whose stand pulled in a lot of spectators showed a hologram-style of technology which needs some fine tuning, but overall is a great little crowd puller for exhibits, and for small and medium sized businesses as a display on their outer walls once a weather proof version becomes available. For inside a window display this would look pretty good with that so called novelty factor. True Holograms like Princess Leia in Star Wars I are still way off, but one day….


Overall a pretty good expo, but we are wondering whether there is too much of the same. There was very little RFID and gesture controlled situations i/e and we did not see any social media being utilised yet so many attendees are Facebooking and Tweeting and with a screen fest like this there ought to be more variety in interaction than just looking. As after walking around for a few hours content fatigue creeps in and people hardly pay any more attention to what is on the screens, more importantly they are not engaged at all any more and this is where more immersive technologies are needed, especially with the bigger brands.