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J.F.K. Assassination application.

J.F.K. Assassination application.

For our personal Pet Project we wanted to create something  that was going to be special and pack a punch. A subject that would enable us to show various amounts of media.  This became the J.F.K. Assassination application, mainly to commemorate the 22nd of November of this year as that will be the 50th anniversary of his assassination in Dallas. With this project we would focus on the  documentation and media that was available on the net but was too scattered and hidden in old cluttered design. It was Touchez’s main aim to bring some coherence in this vast project, which will be ongoing with more data and media to be added, time and cooperation allowing.

What you will not find here is an explanation of who did it, or ‘solve’ the case and name the real murderers. Instead you will be able to interact in a multi-touch environment, between gathered documents, photographs, videos and websites be it official or private that highlight the many questions and answers that surround this case. Even 50 years on there are still a lot of questions to be answered. And over the course of the past decades new information has come out from time to time.

The multi-touch environment created with this content is purely made for the viewer to familiarise himself with this subject in a short period of time instead of like us, reading many pages through books and trawling though a lot of websites.

A small group of  researchers have spent years in trying to uncover the truth who deserve the most credit for their diligence.

A video on this project will be released shortly.

This  project is for educational, presentational & research purposes only.