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This year,  due to work pressure, we only managed to go for one day to ISE2014 and also different from its previous visits we choose the last day which was definitely slower than the first two days of the exhibit so we have been told, but it was still busy enough.

The Multitouch segment of the market is slowly starting to make a solid presence at ISE and was mostly confined to halls 8 and 10. In there we saw some gems of multitouch screens but also some very bad ones as well, slow sluggish interaction which people gave up on quite quickly.

The software, well some of it was nice to dabble with but not much kept people engaged, a dabble hear and there but nothing that really stuck out, but still overall a needed improvement visible in comparison to last year’s event. What we really missed were talks/lectures or demonstrations to show its capabilities.

We liked the curved projected capacitive touch screen which when placed in a portrait setting could be used to utilise corners inside retail premises or any other venue looking to implement touch screens without having to need a lot of space.

curved projected capacitive touch screen

The interactive mirror, something Touchez was asked about to create almost two years ago, could become a stylish way for retailers to grab and use in their fitting rooms.

virtual fitting room

The ultra HD 84 inch 4K multitouch screen (5 TP), but a drawing board does not do a lot for showing of its 4K screen abilities.

ultra hd multitouch screen

At the end of the day we could only conclude that it was another great show and we are very much looking forward to ISE2015.