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Wearable Technology Show 2015

The Wearable Technology show was being held at Excel for two days, we decided to go on the second day and it seemed to be the slowest one of the two, so we have been told and also experienced it ourselves as some stands literally had run out of promo material, quite a strange thing in this day and age when this ‘problem’ wouldn’t surface by offering digital brochures instead.

Of course Heath and Fitness was one of the main subjects, but Augmented and Virtual Reality, Bluetooth LE, Beacon Technology, Smart Textiles and Sports were all represented. Intel, who are at the forefront of Wearable Technology had a decent sized stand displaying many of its prototypes, this was worth the visit alone.


We ended up trying a lot of head displays such as Meta Glasses, Samsung Gear VR (pictured above) and the Lyte (pictured below). Overall the devices were comfortable to wear, but some of them suffered from low resolution. And above all the apps itself were either few in choice or simply a pain to interact with, one wonders how these companies are going to cope and compete with Microsoft’s Hololens which will have Windows 10 on it, an OS  almost everyone will be familiar with once it is out. The only contender we think could be the Samsung Gear VR headed by Matt Apfel running Milk VR.

IMG_8219-Lyte Glasses-Wearable Technology Show

Never before were we so impressed with a sales pitch by Wired Magazine’s subscriptions reps, it took them literally 30 seconds to convince us to sign up for a year’s subscription of £ 19.00 for 12 print and (!) digital issues, a steal!


Last but not least is that we wonder whether the Wearable Technology Show would not benefit more from an intimate setting with a lower ceiling, than using Excel (not that we have anything against this fab venue). But overall we had the feeling that the exhibit itself was dwarfed by the actual building. Also some stands also lacked focus and professionalism in the afternoon of the second event day, one wonders whether a one day event would not be a better idea. Time will tell.