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NEC Screen Event 2015

NEC Screen Event 2015

The NEC Screen Event 2015, also known as NEC Showcase was being held at Vinopolis near London Bridge. Our 4th time attending in a row and always interested to see how the space is being utilised for an event of this scope.

It has been hit and miss, our personal fave is still the o2 setup as the darkness made all screens look KING. Tobacco Docks the year after had quite a few screens suffering because of the sunlight beaming in. And last years’ Velodrome was quite a happening indeed.

NEC Screen Event 2015 at Vinopolis proved to be a good choice especially for its compartmentalisation which goes very well with NEC’s event formula of showing digital signage per sector, such as education, retail, security etc.

A few things about NEC Screen Event 2015  deserve a mention.

Catering was much better than at the Velodrome. Very nice.

There is an element of  content fatigue creeping in, a lot on display gives you the feeling that you have seen it last year already or very similar at least or was just not engaging enough (like the cube and the floor sensors).

The room for potential regarding interactive content is huge. A PCAP table in the control room setting with a kick arse security scenario? Fashion runway with RFID and a wall of screens would have been an amazing feature in the retail section upstairs, which took some effort to find btw.

The Beacon app in the retail Zone did not work on the Thursday.

The ultra bright front window signage screens were very bright and lit the passage way up nicely but from a pratical p.o.v. I would have rather seen them in action upstairs with the daylight blazing in.

The three short throw projectors at the front of the building had a lovely edge blend, this setup screams for an interaction with IR or sensors.

Touch signage was on display, but multi-touch apps were not engaging enough due to lack of proper content and interactions involved. Just some demo content doesn’t cut it any more everybody has already dealt with it one way or another and the attention span of the user lasts about ten seconds.

Selected live demos with the kit on display, some lightning talks to get crowds gathered to explore the technology on display.

At the end of the day, still a fab event and of course we will be back next year, wherever that may be…..