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ISE 2013

This year’s ISE at The Rai in Amsterdam, it’s 10th edition, proved to be a lot less cold than last year but we had a lot wetter and above all windier weather. Twelve halls filled with screens, connectors, cables, projectors, stands, lifts you name it.

Overall attendance was just over 44.000.

Our observations on the multi touch front were:

* Zytronic make very nice projected capacitive touch screens.

* LG  84″ screen with 5 TP, a beauty.


* Mapping system provided by Omnivision was easy to interact with and can easily have  features added on for the coming years.  The event should aim to be paperless and have all docs stored in the Cloud for customers to grab through touch screens and or smart phones and tablets.



* There is no need for still having to look/interact with demo versions of Omnitapps or Snowflake.  Snowflake’s demo design needs an overhaul, it looks dated.

* The Samsung SUR40 seemed to be working a lot better this year, but we reckon it is too late. Having software from a year ago on it did itself no extra favors either.

* Presence of at least half a dozen transparent LCD manufacturers, mostly showing 22″ and 46″ models.


We are happy to announce that we are now able to supply a 70″ model of a transparent LCD unit.

Pictured below in a steel casing, weighing a respectable 200 kgs.

Of course we can build  to bespoke needs and materials.