The Examiner


Touchez plans to change the way business people find and use information on companies, industries, and other business topics. Despite all of the information available these days, business research can be testing and suffers from bad UI /UX.

The Examiner is a multi-platform research tool for business people. Enterprise tools are exorbitantly expensive, search engines require wading through irrelevant content, and market research reports are often disappointing and above all time consuming.

Touchez’s The Examiner search engine could save business analysts’ time, reduce stress, and make it easier to find relevant information. The application integrates business information from the web, financial filings, and The Examiner’s proprietary metadata with a special touch UI tailored to an iterative business research workflow.


Opening screen witrh pull out

At this point our primary focus is on information technology and life sciences, but we can of course tweak our app to your bespoke industry setting.

We have listed 1,600 companies with either over about $50 million in revenue or notable smaller ones.

search terms

You can also add other search terms in addition to company or industry segment names, or just do a search on whatever search terms you like.


We organise search results a bit differently than most search engines. Depending on whether your search is on a company or industry, you’ll see company and industry tabs with information we have in our internal database. If we have financial filings for that company or industry segment, you’ll see a separate tab for those. And finally, there’s a separate tab with web search results.

Company Results.

company results page


The company results show a quick overview on a company, focused on letting you quickly understand the company’s business units and competitors.


Industry Results.

Results page Industry TabThe industry results show basic information on an industry segment, including which companies (and which of their divisions) are active in that segment and any industry-specific terms and concepts that might be relevant.


  • If your search matches more than one company and/or industry in our collected metadata, you can see the matches and pick one here.
  • Or if you don’t see a match for the company or industry you’re interested in, let us know so that we can add it.

Financial Filings.

Financial Results Tab

The Examiner pulls Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings on companies and shows them in sections to make the information easier to navigate.

  • Currently, we are only showing the latest annual report filing (the 10-K) for each company that has one. Over time, we plan to add additional reports and provide a further breakdown of financial filings information.

Search Results.

Results page web tab

We also provide web search results on whatever company or industry you search on. Instead of just doing a straight web search, we do a more specific search on concepts relevant to research on companies, like their strategy, competitors, management teams, and so on.

Our search results come both from our internal, industry-specific search index and outside sources like Yahoo.

Sources To Purchase.

  • The sources to purchase  will shows results of web searches, but in this case, we separate out websites with sources that you have to purchase. Since you may or may not have a budget for paid research when you’re doing a project, we decided to show these separately so that you don’t always have to filter through them yourself.

Touchez’s The Examiner  filters results to minimise non-business or low quality content. Google does not allow this.

Last but not least The Examiner will accept contributions through a Google Chrome plugin which will allow contributors to submit Google Finance and Yahoo Finance data.

More to be revealed later this year.