3D Touch.

In July 2013 Touchez decided to create an application that could assist with the investigation of  a certain historic event from the past.

The basic premise of the idea would be to create a museum style multi-touch interaction where the viewer can familiarise himself with its surroundings and the findings and become smarter and efficient in a rapid way . Most websites are cluttered with info and show only low res images or film footage. Inside this application the material can be viewed at whichever size the user fancies.

Info is wide spread over the Web and mostly presented in a rather disorganised way. Most of them suffer from dated design and have many broken links. The purpose of this 3d multi-touch application is to be able to ascertain quickly what happened on that day

First stage is to generate a 3d model of the actual setting and persons involved

3d render


Then add relevant info, in this case ballistics, to be able to visualise in an interactive way.



Multi-media content is being added with reference to actual positions marked inside the 3D setting.



This application is still a work in progress which we shall produce first for large touch screens and with mobile versions to follow.

Please Contact us. if you wish to discuss this type of application building further.