Interactive Installations.


Our work combines elements of technology and design, creating immersive environments that engage the visitor and invite for exploration. Having extended experience in commercial as well as artistic work, Touchez tries with each new engagement to push the boundaries of all involved disciplines to create surprising experiences and lasting memories.

Touchez’s installation experience goes back further than the 5 years we have been active as a company, its director and some of its employees have been installing since the late 90’s.

At first providing just audio and AV installations for board rooms, airports, restaurants, retail, universities and bars/clubs and from the late noughties shifting to the installation of interactive experiences.

We can design installations and environments that provide an outstanding interaction with the participant. In our team we have experts for any aspect of it: sensors, camera tracking, touch screens, kinect 3D, cameras and understand how to use and combine them. We can design structures, be it temporary or for the longer term, small or big.

From consultation and design, to build, integration and support, we deliver interactive experiences that enable our clients to communicate more effectively with each other or their clients/visitors, managing collaboration, potential sales, and above all new business. An innovative approach with  solutions to transform, immerse and excite. Installations are part of this of course.