Transparent LCD Refrigerators.

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We provide transparent LCD fridges. Coming at various sizes and setups.

The fridge itself comes from a well known brand that has exported its products to over 50 countries. The screens are made by LG and the units are manufactured in the Far East.

Spec sheet for the 24″ transparent LCD Fridge.             Spec sheet for the 32″ transparent LCD fridge           Spec sheet for the 49″ transparent LCD fridge.


Below a video of a bespoke fit of a 43″ transparent LCD fridge door of which we are able to offer a standard solution very soon as well.


The fridges can be supplied with or without LPG technology, please read the following below especially if your product is in a dark coloured container or the fluids inside the container are of a very dark colour.


LGP Technology.


Touchez offers the option to include LGP technology with its assembly of the fridge doors.

LGP (Light Guide Plate) is a technology used for transparent LCD refrigerators only. And especially if you were to store a dark product that fully fills the cooler. You really wish to make sure the graphics come off as intended.

Lighting a fully filled fridge is problematic. Dark glass absorbs a lot of LED lighting. This then creates situations shown in the photo below. There is only that much LED you can use inside a fridge. Be not be misled by other companies that partially fill the fridge with a few bottles of water where it all looks very bright. The reality is different.

LGP technology is only used by two other companies: Budweiser who had it developed by LG for their transparent LCD fridges, as they were not happy with the quality of the visibility of the advertising in combination with their bottles on display inside the fridge..

And LG who showed theirs off at ISE 2016 where I managed to take a picture. I was so impressed by the quality of the graphics while still showing the product, be it less clear. The screen will appear milkier and therefore show less of the real product. The photo below it is a good example while using light or see through bottles, in the video above the dark bottles are easily seen through the graphics..

The clarity of the content is greatly improved and the real kicker is of course that the clients will open the fridge door any way and physically interact with the product inside the fridge and at the same time the quality of the graphics has increased by a large margin. This technology to enhance the graphics, this way, is only for Transparent LCD refrigerators and not to be used on a transparent LCD display case as there is plenty of illumination and due to the different environment inside a display case, it isn’t fully stacked up with a dark coloured product.

LG fridge at ISE 2016.

LGP is placed between the two layers of tempered glass inside the door of the transparent LCD fridge. This then makes the screen appear more bright and also helps to clarify the dark shaped bottles inside. Think the bottles by Budweiser, and due to its dark content bottles by Coke and Pepsi.

At the same time the wow effect with the digital signage is enhanced by a very large factor.