Touch Foil

Projected Capacitive Touch Foil which can be mounted on flat  glass surfaces in conjunction with LCD/LED screens. With this touch foil installed between the glass surface and the screen it can benefit from a full HD interactive experience. Retailers and estate agents i/e could consider of re-using their existing passive digital signage and make it fully interactive.

The touch foil  comes in various sizes and enables the retailer a choice of 2 or 10 touch points.


Touch Foil-Touchez


The touch sensor is enabled inside a flexible foil and can easily be integrated in your own custom structures. It can turn your non conductive materials into a touch enabled surface and it enables flexibility and creativity of design even on curved surfaces if you feel the need for that!


Touch Foil-Touchez-2


It features an incredible response rate allowing for a non-interrupted and above all seamless interactive experience.

The touch foil can be laminated on glass or acrylic and allows for a working functionality of up to 20 mm thick. This considerable range of thickness fits many project requirements.  Be it restaurants, retail, car showrooms, airport, train & bus stations and museums.


Touch Foil-Touchez-3


Touch foil furthermore can be applied in bespoke multitouch screen hardware manufacturing as seen below. There are no bezels and it will be edge to edge. This solution could be applied with non interactive screens a client already has on their premises and gives it a second lease of life.