We are able to turn any surface (floor, wall, table, bar counter or a ceiling) into an interactive surface. We can do this with frontal projection or rear projection (if space allows us to do this). The element of interactivity engages your audience and makes your brand unforgettable.

The powerful impact of our bespoke effects is a potent brand-engagement tool and is guaranteed to  captivate your guests.

The interactive floor or wall tracks motion with infra-red sensory technology and reacts in real-time to a persons’ movement over a front projected surface.




Rear Projection.



 Touchez consist of a few former Mindstorm (this company folded in 2013)  employees who have a wealth of experience in creating and building highly engaging interactive experiences with projection.

We do not stock standard products as such so if you wish to engage projection for your installation or event it will have to be created almost from scratch. 


Ibar build for Surface Lab International by Touchez