Multitouch video walls.

Contemporary lobbies can project stunning video walls to impress viewers with large-scale graphics or videos displayed on multiple screens, creating a multi-touch environment with these video walls will engage and immerse the customer even more.

Embedding multitouch in conjunction with signage content takes your video wall from passive to a full interactive world.

Share visuals such as photographs, videos and PDF documents and have your social media accounts  embedded and bring that content to your customers. View real-time analytics and accelerate the process of acting upon them.

We  create bespoke high performance large touch screen video walls. These multitouch displays can enhance the collaborative effort in a working environment, but also for marketing purposes be it in a showroom suites or in lobbies.  They can be placed in a various settings and come with a bespoke fitted glass paneled overlay with 12 or 32 touch points.

Touch screen video walls can be build with either 46”, 47”, 55” and 60” thin‐bezel LCD panels to suit presentations and broadcast uses, we will design a superb touch wall enabling your customers to interact on a large scale.

The multitouch frame is compatible with the following brands: Sony, Hitachi, Orion, Samsung, NEC, Planar, Sharp, Hyundai, Philips, HP Invent, Misubishi and Barco. A perfect way to upgrade your existing non-interactive videowall.


  • True multi-touch with no ghost touch points.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Glass thickness of 7mm (up to 85″) and 8 mm (up to 243″).
  • Shipped to you in either a wooden crate or custom build flight case. 

We can also accommodate your large LCD or plasma screen (70″-152″) with a multi-touch overlay, set in a powder coated steel frame.