If you are ust looking for a touch screen then we suggest to go to Amazon or any other affiliate company that sells them of the shelf. But sometimes you know exactly what you need, whether it is a touch screen, a content management system or a data visualisation solution.  You might be looking to us to advise, guide and simply provide you with a solution to your requirement. Either way, we can help.

Touchez collaborates and consults with their clients to guide them through the vast amount of available possibilities, and assist them to make the the best innovation strategies. We encourage our clients to get to the core of their business, employee and customer requirements in order to develop an action plan to achieve their exceptional objectives.

Our thorough requirements gathering procedure accounts for the uncommon and unexpected cases, and therefore helps to deliver our projects on time, within budget and without compromise on the goals of security, stability and scalability. We take the time to listen to our clients in order to gain a full understanding and detailed description of their needs and requirements. This allows us to choose the most appropriate technologies for the clients’ requirements focusing on suitability, efficiency and scalability.

We have the experience.

Touchez is a company supplying niche technology in the shape of hardware and software, being a niche means that the people working with on your project  have the experience needed to deliver the solution to your requirements. Our staff have been involved with interactive installations on a worldwide level for many years.

Having identified our clients’ needs, the detailed design of the system can begin. In parallel with the technical design, our software development team will create preliminary designs of how the user will interact with the system. We give usability and immersive aspect the importance it requires from the outset of the project.

The diverse and the pro-active culture of the company, means that the best options are selected for the client, even down to the finest details.