We can provide technical support for our installations, give advice and guidance on how to further enhance the experience with the hardware and provide updates, when available, to the software.


Equipment Repair
Touchez’s dedicated service centers ensure priority turnaround. Where practical and available, a replacement can be provided from Touchez loan stock to ensure that there is little or no downtime. Touchez can also be contracted to stock mission-critical equipment.

A well-managed Audio Visual preventative maintenance program extends the life of your equipment and minimizes downtime and repair costs.                                                                                 Periodic professional calibration can also optimise the image quality of your screens.

On-Site Staff

When needed during an event or after a permanent installations we can provide on-site staff that monitor and make sure the experience for you and your customers is flawless. Our multi-disciplinary team is fully trained  on your facility’s technology, giving you peace of mind that your interactive systems work seamlessly and employees and customers will have the best experience possible. Each service agreement is uniquely designed to meet your individual needs and we manage all staffing matters allowing you to concentrate on core business functions.