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JFK Assassination Application set V 1.0

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JFK Assassination  Application set  V 1.0 

We needed a new pet project something we could dabble with for months to come.

We chose the J.F.K. assassination in Dallas, Texas which will have its 50th anniversary on Nov. 22nd 2013, a moment that has been covered by a lot of authors, film makers and photographers but also has a vast amount of documentation from the D.P.D. to the F.B.I. to the C.I.A. and so forth available on the web.

This Big Data project will take quite some time to assemble and get acquainted with some of its many queries and aspects. We just started this project in September and are aware that so far we have only lifted a small tip of the veil that concerns this major historic event.

Let’s look at what is available here: ballistics evidence, the physical evidence, medical evidence, film & photographic evidence, witness testimonies, and the events in Dealey Plaza itself.

We have Oswald, Ruby, Shaw, Tippit, Philips, Dulles, LeMay, LBJ, Ferrie, Banister, Hoover, Garrison, the FBI, the Dallas Police, the Warren Commission, the Russians, the Mafia, the anti-Castro Cubans, and the CIA.

An enormous amount of data, has been collated, with its first release being 10GB of multi-media . We acquire further knowledge on some of the facts of this case which we then try to represent inside Omnitapps multi-touch suite.  Even now new material appears.

The researchers who meticulously go through the available files and report its findings and the foundations, forums and individuals who make this material available are the ones who deserve the credit for the content. We have made a slide show with all credited sources that we have used, and some of the apps itself have the makers name on the background included.

We chose the Metro style menu as this enabled us to create a good overview of the content of the various applications used. Finally we added some educational games, although this is a serious matter, we thought we’d brand some games to lighten the mood a tad.

This video only shows a few glimpses and we will shortly present a comprehensive overview of the JFK assassination application set.

This  project is for educational, presentational & research purposes only.

Classifying the data by the subject without the intention to ‘solve the case’, but solely to catalogue some of the available documented evidence for anyone to go through and gain knowledge at a much faster compared to any traditional website.

Applicable to many sectors in the market, research, education and museums. that require interactive solutions with Big Data in a multi-touch environment. An enormous asset to presentations!

The interactive software experience will enhance the experience compared to traditional digital advertising on passive screens tenfold!



We supplied some floor projection and a 55 inch multi-touch kiosk for Circle who held their event at the Inmarsat Conference Center.

It was safe to say that the Circle event, with various delegates doing their steps and dance moves on top of the canvas for the graphics to respond, was quite a success.

The multi-touch kiosk was loaded with an array of info for the delegates to browse through.

Some pictures:




Inmarsat Global Xpress

Inmarsat Global Xpress

Inmarsat, a global satellite company, booked our services for an interactive floor projection, for which we created a few effects.

Floor projection rental by Touchez Floor projection rental by Touchez

We also had a 55″ multitouch kiosk present, for which we used our interactive multitouch software, displaying Inmarsat’s rich media catalogue consisting of pdfs, videos, pictures and their website, and also their partners’.

Clients emailing the brochures proved to be a hit.

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Social Media Wall for the NBA

We worked closely with top design agency Ignite to create an interactive social media wall for the National Basketball Association (NBA) House. Alongside the hire of a 110″ 2×2 NEC 55″ panel videowall with 32 touchpoints.

The NBA house where the event was held over 10 days in Covent Garden attracting more than 53,000 fans and gathering millions of supporters online. It provided a unique brand experience for NBA, and Touchez Video Wall was a centre piece of the whole event concept. The association wanted to create a buzz to coincide with the London Olympic games and share the experience around the world with other fans using social media and interactive technology.

A case study of this event can be viewed HERE

pic courtesy of NBA HOuse

Pic: courtesy of NBAHouse