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The benefits of multitouch software

The benefits of multitouch software.

In October 2013 we released our pet project, a JFK assassination application that held 10 GB of media for the user to interact with. We let the project for what it was only for us to revive it in 2015. Like all large presentations we had to educate ourselves a little better and so we did, only for us to use the same software to create a very large presentation about the Prayer Man phenomena. In a nutshell Prayer Man is a man who is standing on the front steps of the Texas School Book Depository during and just after JFK got shot. There are quite a few pointers that this is Lee Harvey Oswald. Oh dear… we mean he is actually innocent of pulling the trigger on JFK?  Well the available evidence and not just a few fuzzy pictures seem to do so . But we suggest you watch this film for by yourself to check out some of the answers. But that is not what this is really about. It is more about bringing forward a complex situation in a manner that is much easier to digest for the viewer and / or user of the multitouch software.

The benefits of multitouch software are: that the software allows the maker and the user to interact and extract a lot of information  various types of media inside one window. Meaning videos, still photographs and PDFs. Something Power Point i/e does not allow you to do. The consequence of packing all this media is that the viewer is much more engaged due to speed of interaction and the amount the media the user is able to immerse him/herself in.

The multitouch software still needs the input of transferring all this knowledge inside the application, but it is more about wowing the interactive experience for the user and have them absorb a lot more media in an instant.

Users need to be somewhat acquainted with the handling, but on simple and intuitive systems like this, this seems to be of no problem, skills are adopted rather speedily.

At the end of Q1 2016 we hope to present a definitive version of the Prayer Man Multitouch Movie.


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Digital Shoreditch 2015

Digital Shoreditch 2015

Touchez’s director Bart Kamp held a talk at Shoreditch Town Hall in the Mayor’s Parlour at the Digital Shoreditch Festival entitled ”NUI World”.

Using multi-touch software to present its history and various requirements of the Natural User Interface and some of its implementations in Augmented Reality, Multi-touch, Motion Tracking and Virtual Reality, all crammed into 20 minutes.


Photos: @BartKamp and