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ISE 2016

ISE 2016

ISE is the event for interactive screen technology in Europe. Our fifth visit this year to ISE 2016. This year for the first time stretching over 4 days, we choose to go for the first three. We did not want to walk our socks off, so we spread it out over another day and spend less hours each day at the Rai, a wise move that if we  were to go again would probably be repeated. Our feet were ever so thankful! This year’s event proved to be a major improvement to content in conjunction with interactivity. Quite a few multitouch setups above all in conjunction with the collaborative work environment.

Collaborative work environment with multitouch applications by Touchez-1-ISE 2016


LG had opened their stand and by the looks of it enlarged as well. The stand resembled a tech school playground with the slickest gear on display. The set had flair with lots of creative uses for panel displays. The transparent LCD fridges and displays, the interactive bathroom mirror and dresser were all beautifully crafted and with an excellent finish. LG understands that displays are going to be everywhere and they like to show off a few potential uses, something they have been doing for a few years already and regular visitors do tend to compare the stands, and I find this years’ more engaging between crowd and kit and that is a real plus (although the fridges should have been filled with Korean beers…..).

ISE 2016 by Bartolomy-2


Its stallions were two curved double sided OLED screens, absolutely perfect for retail, a real feature. Would love to see this with a gesture controlled application. Something with a kinect and tracking the people approaching and have content interact with them.

ISE2016_pic by Bartolomy-

The robotic arms at Panasonic were most impressive.
panasonic ise 2016

4K has become almost a standard for many touch screens, no doubt content needs to be pushed further quality-wise but the next installment already lays ahead, and one wonders whether not to go with a 8K setup where possible as Sharp presented an amazing quality 8K screen and this cannot be far away for all the other (touch) screen manufacturers to create either.

8K Screen by Sharp

Content wise some nice ideas on the retail front and  real-estate, and as mentioned earlier the collaborative work environment. Various samples and systems on display.

Collaborative work environment with multitouch applications-ISE 2016

The Surface Hub was present on a few stands as well but in all honesty I would have expected more of a presence than what I did get to see compared to Microsoft’s presence last year. I know I am having a whinge here but even though the integration the Surface Hub offers with existing Office applications you’d expect massive promo all over, but there were only a handful that demonstrated partial solutions.

Projection, some people claim it is dead, well it must be dead in their sector as to what is on display for effect and in EDU with interactive touch is mesmerising.

Projection ISE 2016

multitouch projection ise2016

Retail had a few things to show but again either the proprietors of the stands lack the willpower or this is just not the event for it, education has a much better representation across the many firms exhibiting there in comparison. This facial recognition analytical software below was kind of interesting.


LED, even brighter and more detailed than the year before, some of it is of amazing quality. At some pathways the lighting was set so it resembled street scenes from Blade Runner. The Chinese are at the forefront of this and are incredibly good at it.

LED Display ise 2016

What ISE 2016 lacked a lot was integration and demonstration with live data of any sort. A cool social media wall for instance especially since Tweeting about the event has grown exceptionally.

A fine display fest and its best so far, which makes it hard not to go next year.

NEC Showcase 2014 London Velodrome

This year’s NEC Showcase was being held at London’s Olympic Velodrome, a great location to say the least. A major improvement compared to last year’s venue The Tobacco Docks which compartmentalised everything way too much and the sunlight beaming in did some screens no favours either. The 2012 event’s location, the o2 arena, is still our personal fave though!

The two day event, a first, attracted just over 1.500 visitors, up again compared to last year. The sunny weather helped for walking towards the venue.

NEC Screen Event 2014


We saw quite a few things that were interesting showing a few highlights below.

The introduction of NFC card reading technology in conjunction with multitouch documents and way-finding software,  was a welcome surprise, it saves clients  from having to type their details in as they are already on display!


photo 5



The interactive coffee ordering system was a fun gadget to interact with.

photo 3-1


Augmented reality in conjunction with window display digital signage, which can be utilised for many different purposes.


photo 1


The curved wall by PsCo, a major improvement compared to last year’s setup. Very nice!

photo 2

Bit of a let down was the quality of the catering, there were quite a few complaints amongst us, but nevertheless  a very good event with some excellent digital signage on display.

Looking forward to NEC Showcase 2015.

NUI and Multi-Touch.

NUI and Multi-Touch.

A Natural User Interface (NUI) enables people to interact with computers through (touch) gestures or speech.  The technology offers a lot of potential i/e for customer service, events, field work, training and medicine.

Multi-touch technology has provided the foundation necessary to completely redefine user interfaces, creating what is being chained as natural user interfaces (NUI).

While the interface requires some learning, it is eased through design which gives the user the feeling that they are successful. Thus, “natural” refers to a goal in the user experience – that the interaction comes naturally, while interacting with the technology, and that the interface itself is natural. 

Multi-touch is a technology that has ushered natural user interface using gestures as the pinch (enlarging windows with two fingers) and double tap which have already been part of our interactions these past few years on larger sized touch screens, smart phones and tablets. These are the most commonly known interactions. But there are also the two fingered tap, the scroll, the pan and long press. Interactions like these stay with us for some time to come.

This multi-touch technology has created the third human computer interface revolution, just like the keyboard that characterised the command line interfaces (CLI) of the 80’s and the mouse that ignited the graphical user interface (GUI) of the 90s.

Simplicity of operation is appreciated by all consumers and although multi-touch requires some learning; in many cases, the gesture still seems natural for many consumers, and they tend to pick up the gestures relatively quickly. Bear in mind that the frequency of use here is a critical element of the behaviour that becomes natural for the consumer.

The impact becomes much clearer when observing consumers interacting with the multi-touch hardware which has seen a steady increase in deployment at railway stations and airports but even more with smart phones and tablets. Even the people who do not own a multi-touch device are still exposed to it, either via TV or by watching others interacting with them.

An example of this impact was the NBAHouse Social Media Wall which invited visitors to tweet with the #NBAHouse hashtag and, when possible, attach photographs of the event to that particular tweet. Upon noticing the tweet on the multi-touch video wall visitors would take another photograph of that particular tweet displayed on the screen and tweet that one as well. An interaction that no one could have predicted and that was repeated by many visitors.

Besides multi-touch here are a few samples of NUI integration with some other devices into our current lifestyles:

  • Microsoft‘s Kinect has a motion sensor and has a SDK to create a whole new segment of apps which can be controlled by gesture and voice.
  • Those that have an iPhone are aware of the voice assistant Siri which can be used in conjunction with various apps and hardware devices.
  • The Leap Motion controller that allows users to interact with computers not with touch but by gestures of moving your hand and fingers.

HERE is a cool page that explains more to this.

New Era launch party

Here are some pix and a video of the New Era Soho store launch party from last week.



All photographs (except top one) courtesy of New Era Europe.

New Era MLB Dugout Twitterwall by Touchez

social media wall for new era social media wall for new era social media wall for new era social media wall for new era 185015_10151210732118936_422109593_n

NBA3X at Westfield London

Last weekend (15th & 16th Sept.) the NBA held its NBA3X event at Westfield London.

Needless to say that the event was very well attended, the atrium was packed with punters enjoying many aspects of basketball and of course the Social Media Wall which was also used at NBA House the month before.  Some pictures:

NBA3X-Westfield_by_Bartolomy-3 NBA3X-Westfield_by_Bartolomy-4 NBA3X-Westfield_by_Bartolomy-5

Social Media Wall for the NBA

We worked closely with top design agency Ignite to create an interactive social media wall for the National Basketball Association (NBA) House. Alongside the hire of a 110″ 2×2 NEC 55″ panel videowall with 32 touchpoints.

The NBA house where the event was held over 10 days in Covent Garden attracting more than 53,000 fans and gathering millions of supporters online. It provided a unique brand experience for NBA, and Touchez Video Wall was a centre piece of the whole event concept. The association wanted to create a buzz to coincide with the London Olympic games and share the experience around the world with other fans using social media and interactive technology.

A case study of this event can be viewed HERE

pic courtesy of NBA HOuse

Pic: courtesy of NBAHouse