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Transparent LCD display case

Here is a new video of our latest 21.5″ Transparent LCD display case which is perfect for exhibit and retail settings. This is a new version of this Transparent LCD display case comes with a very slick finish (with either metal or as in this video  glass sides) and can be offered as a non touch or with PCAP touch technology (like phones/tablets) implemented.

See below a choice of sizes and options.

Display size   21.5″ 23.8″(24″)
Dimensions 515×395(h)x300(d)mm 515×415(h)x385(d)mm 550×415(h)x300(d)mm 550×435(h)x385(d)mm
Resolution   1920 x 1080p 1920 x 1080p 1920 x 1080p 1920 x 1080p
Power   220V 220V 220V 220V
Case finish   metal (3sides) glass (3sides) metal (3sides) glass (3sides)
Colour   white or black white or black white or black white or black




ISE 2018

ISE 2018.

Last year we gave ISE a miss due to work commitments, but also because Touchez had been there 5 times in a row already. This year we went for 2 days to see what was happening. Like every other ISE we had been to the LG stand was our first port of call. We were pleasantly surprised once entering the hall and seeing that on the stand Transparent OLED had made a comeback, both Samsung and LG had stopped producing them for more than a year and compared to normal Transparent LCD screen the difference is huge when it comes to quality of the content.



LG Transparent OLED screen, ISE 2018. Pic.: Bartolomy.

Then the curved OLED wall was something else, no doubt many companies enquired about this…..

LG Curved OLED Wall ISE 2018. Pic.: Bartolomy.

Overall many major brands have focused on the so called collaborative work environment, something that was already put forward with multitouch tables 8 years ago. But in this case most stands had copied the Microsoft Surface Hub in part and one needs to ask what the point is with trying to copy this concept in part compared to the MS Surfacehub which uses all its products which are used within most companies.

Hypervision  a London based company whose stand pulled in a lot of spectators showed a hologram-style of technology which needs some fine tuning, but overall is a great little crowd puller for exhibits, and for small and medium sized businesses as a display on their outer walls once a weather proof version becomes available. For inside a window display this would look pretty good with that so called novelty factor. True Holograms like Princess Leia in Star Wars I are still way off, but one day….


Overall a pretty good expo, but we are wondering whether there is too much of the same. There was very little RFID and gesture controlled situations i/e and we did not see any social media being utilised yet so many attendees are Facebooking and Tweeting and with a screen fest like this there ought to be more variety in interaction than just looking. As after walking around for a few hours content fatigue creeps in and people hardly pay any more attention to what is on the screens, more importantly they are not engaged at all any more and this is where more immersive technologies are needed, especially with the bigger brands.


Transparent Fridge section updated.

Transparent Fridge section updated.

Recently our Korean partner and manufacture had brought out new and up to date models of the 24″, 32″ and 49 inch transparent fridges. This time they include LGP (Light Guide Plate) technology. This is beneficial for companies who use dark bottles (i/e Budweiser, Coke and Pepsi) and gives a much better and above all crispier graphic display viewing.

Please go HERE to read all about it with videos and specification sheets for the three transparent LCD fridges.







NEC Screen Event 2016

This year’s NEC Screen Event was held in the Millbank Tower. It must be difficult trying to find a different space in London that is exciting to visit year upon year, we do not mean this in a negative way more as to the challenge to organise an event of this statue year upon year in an exciting environment. This was our fifth visit in a row, and the ones held in the o2 arena (2012) and the Velodrome (2014) were the most exciting ones to visit. The o2 because it was dark and the screens were king and the Velodrome due to its location and also due to the space to walk around.

Upon arrival visitors were encouraged to go into a small theatre to view a 3 minute movie which involved projection mapping, what was painstakingly obvious was the blending showed some horrible lines on the background, a little more thought regarding to that specific aspect for a better finish wouldn’t go amiss.

NEC Screen Event 2016-1

Space-wise the Millbank Tower’s 28th and 29th floor at times felt cramped to walk through and actually view what was on offer from a comfortable distance, in most cases you would stand in the walkway trying to take a good look with people passing by. The increasing heat didn’t help either and the elevators resembled a sauna at some times.

The screens as usual LUSH, but our grievance was the content fatigue that has crept in. In the retail area one company showed the very same RFID application  they had shown the year before at Vinopolis’ NEC Screen event 2015.

Control rooms again just haven’t changed much, except the conflict scenario showing the world was about to engage in some heavy duty skirmishing (sadly confined to one single screen), let’s hope it doesn’t come to that fellas.

We would have loved to see some scenario involved with mapping and multitouch in conjunction with live data and the interaction with it. From a scenario p.o.v. it all felt rather meagre. Multitouch would speed reaction times and increase analytical progress as well.

NEC Screen Event 2016-3

Multitouch technology itself  was on some tables and a wall or two. One table allowed sending the content to a 2×2 wall. Nifty but a cable does all the work and standard multitouch software packages already have this feature enabled. Bit more RFID/NFC interaction with mobile handsets taking brochures home would have livened it all up a tad more. The design of the tables itself….mwah.

Lunch consisted of a lunch box and this also meant that visitors wanted to sit down, and even though there were some seating areas it just wasn’t enough. Many stood at the bars to eat their lunch. The wraps were tasty though!

NEC Screen Event 2016-2

The Baanto multitouch technology allowed for direct interaction without another layer of glass in front of it which ought to be a plus. While we gave it a try it worked ok, A positive was the fact that  that the wall was right next to a set of windows with plenty of daylight coming in and it did a decent job, not as responsive as in light controlled conditions but decent.. But from a UX p.o.v. one would have to ask whether working with content on a wall with thin bezels, which were not mounted flush is a more pleasant way to interact with, than on one solid piece of glass in front of it. Personally I’d stick with a glass front until this is fine tuned.

NEC Screen Event 2016-4

Having panels not flush mounted is a big no, but what was more off putting was cable management, plenty of situations where cables were just dangling underneath screens. This sounds pedantic, but AV is where it ends and what is the point putting screens up that cost a fair bundle and then have the power lead not fastened behind the stand or screen and just hanging loose underneath.

We personally would like to see some more dare with content at the next event as we have “seen it all before” is becoming a fact . We are also well aware that this industry and its clients are conservative, but at the same time there is plenty of content about that could fill those screens and immerse the visitors a lot more.

See you next year!


ISE 2016

ISE 2016

ISE is the event for interactive screen technology in Europe. Our fifth visit this year to ISE 2016. This year for the first time stretching over 4 days, we choose to go for the first three. We did not want to walk our socks off, so we spread it out over another day and spend less hours each day at the Rai, a wise move that if we  were to go again would probably be repeated. Our feet were ever so thankful! This year’s event proved to be a major improvement to content in conjunction with interactivity. Quite a few multitouch setups above all in conjunction with the collaborative work environment.

Collaborative work environment with multitouch applications by Touchez-1-ISE 2016


LG had opened their stand and by the looks of it enlarged as well. The stand resembled a tech school playground with the slickest gear on display. The set had flair with lots of creative uses for panel displays. The transparent LCD fridges and displays, the interactive bathroom mirror and dresser were all beautifully crafted and with an excellent finish. LG understands that displays are going to be everywhere and they like to show off a few potential uses, something they have been doing for a few years already and regular visitors do tend to compare the stands, and I find this years’ more engaging between crowd and kit and that is a real plus (although the fridges should have been filled with Korean beers…..).

ISE 2016 by Bartolomy-2


Its stallions were two curved double sided OLED screens, absolutely perfect for retail, a real feature. Would love to see this with a gesture controlled application. Something with a kinect and tracking the people approaching and have content interact with them.

ISE2016_pic by Bartolomy-

The robotic arms at Panasonic were most impressive.
panasonic ise 2016

4K has become almost a standard for many touch screens, no doubt content needs to be pushed further quality-wise but the next installment already lays ahead, and one wonders whether not to go with a 8K setup where possible as Sharp presented an amazing quality 8K screen and this cannot be far away for all the other (touch) screen manufacturers to create either.

8K Screen by Sharp

Content wise some nice ideas on the retail front and  real-estate, and as mentioned earlier the collaborative work environment. Various samples and systems on display.

Collaborative work environment with multitouch applications-ISE 2016

The Surface Hub was present on a few stands as well but in all honesty I would have expected more of a presence than what I did get to see compared to Microsoft’s presence last year. I know I am having a whinge here but even though the integration the Surface Hub offers with existing Office applications you’d expect massive promo all over, but there were only a handful that demonstrated partial solutions.

Projection, some people claim it is dead, well it must be dead in their sector as to what is on display for effect and in EDU with interactive touch is mesmerising.

Projection ISE 2016

multitouch projection ise2016

Retail had a few things to show but again either the proprietors of the stands lack the willpower or this is just not the event for it, education has a much better representation across the many firms exhibiting there in comparison. This facial recognition analytical software below was kind of interesting.


LED, even brighter and more detailed than the year before, some of it is of amazing quality. At some pathways the lighting was set so it resembled street scenes from Blade Runner. The Chinese are at the forefront of this and are incredibly good at it.

LED Display ise 2016

What ISE 2016 lacked a lot was integration and demonstration with live data of any sort. A cool social media wall for instance especially since Tweeting about the event has grown exceptionally.

A fine display fest and its best so far, which makes it hard not to go next year.

NEC Screen Event 2015

NEC Screen Event 2015

The NEC Screen Event 2015, also known as NEC Showcase was being held at Vinopolis near London Bridge. Our 4th time attending in a row and always interested to see how the space is being utilised for an event of this scope.

It has been hit and miss, our personal fave is still the o2 setup as the darkness made all screens look KING. Tobacco Docks the year after had quite a few screens suffering because of the sunlight beaming in. And last years’ Velodrome was quite a happening indeed.

NEC Screen Event 2015 at Vinopolis proved to be a good choice especially for its compartmentalisation which goes very well with NEC’s event formula of showing digital signage per sector, such as education, retail, security etc.

A few things about NEC Screen Event 2015  deserve a mention.

Catering was much better than at the Velodrome. Very nice.

There is an element of  content fatigue creeping in, a lot on display gives you the feeling that you have seen it last year already or very similar at least or was just not engaging enough (like the cube and the floor sensors).

The room for potential regarding interactive content is huge. A PCAP table in the control room setting with a kick arse security scenario? Fashion runway with RFID and a wall of screens would have been an amazing feature in the retail section upstairs, which took some effort to find btw.

The Beacon app in the retail Zone did not work on the Thursday.

The ultra bright front window signage screens were very bright and lit the passage way up nicely but from a pratical p.o.v. I would have rather seen them in action upstairs with the daylight blazing in.

The three short throw projectors at the front of the building had a lovely edge blend, this setup screams for an interaction with IR or sensors.

Touch signage was on display, but multi-touch apps were not engaging enough due to lack of proper content and interactions involved. Just some demo content doesn’t cut it any more everybody has already dealt with it one way or another and the attention span of the user lasts about ten seconds.

Selected live demos with the kit on display, some lightning talks to get crowds gathered to explore the technology on display.

At the end of the day, still a fab event and of course we will be back next year, wherever that may be…..

Wearable Technology Show 2015

The Wearable Technology show was being held at Excel for two days, we decided to go on the second day and it seemed to be the slowest one of the two, so we have been told and also experienced it ourselves as some stands literally had run out of promo material, quite a strange thing in this day and age when this ‘problem’ wouldn’t surface by offering digital brochures instead.

Of course Heath and Fitness was one of the main subjects, but Augmented and Virtual Reality, Bluetooth LE, Beacon Technology, Smart Textiles and Sports were all represented. Intel, who are at the forefront of Wearable Technology had a decent sized stand displaying many of its prototypes, this was worth the visit alone.


We ended up trying a lot of head displays such as Meta Glasses, Samsung Gear VR (pictured above) and the Lyte (pictured below). Overall the devices were comfortable to wear, but some of them suffered from low resolution. And above all the apps itself were either few in choice or simply a pain to interact with, one wonders how these companies are going to cope and compete with Microsoft’s Hololens which will have Windows 10 on it, an OS  almost everyone will be familiar with once it is out. The only contender we think could be the Samsung Gear VR headed by Matt Apfel running Milk VR.

IMG_8219-Lyte Glasses-Wearable Technology Show

Never before were we so impressed with a sales pitch by Wired Magazine’s subscriptions reps, it took them literally 30 seconds to convince us to sign up for a year’s subscription of £ 19.00 for 12 print and (!) digital issues, a steal!


Last but not least is that we wonder whether the Wearable Technology Show would not benefit more from an intimate setting with a lower ceiling, than using Excel (not that we have anything against this fab venue). But overall we had the feeling that the exhibit itself was dwarfed by the actual building. Also some stands also lacked focus and professionalism in the afternoon of the second event day, one wonders whether a one day event would not be a better idea. Time will tell.


Smart City Workshop at Transport Catapult

We recently visited  Transport Catapult in Milton Keynes, reason for this was a Smart City workshop held at their premises. We attended their second day of the conference. The event was a combination of mini-seminars and demonstrations on the topic of smart city technologies.

Speakers included representatives from the Transport Systems Catapult, University Campus Milton Keynes, The Open University and BT. Gerd Kortuem and Alan Fletcher.


Milton Keynes is growing to become the second largest city in the South East and there are some major projects, such as MK:Smart, ongoing involving Big Data, Autonomous Driving, Managing Water and Energy, Sensor Technology all to better social standards in urban areas.


Downstairs talks were held to introduce the crowd to various insights underway and upstairs there were practical demonstrations of real-life applications of smart city technologies, including some of those underway in the MK:Smart City project.


Photography by: Alexander Fletcher and Bart Kamp

ISE 2015

ISE 2015

At Amsterdam’s Rai centre, ISE 2015 proved to be its biggest yet, I think all halls are used up and our jellied legs are proof of that! Hall 8 with Digital Signage as its main theme had  our main interest with an abundance of touch screen hardware on display, some of it of the best quality and some of it well…….

Day 1 we thought that the exhibit came off to a slow start but Day 2 literally doubled in presence, so we felt, with aisles overall being very busy and sometimes even very crowded.

We tried to visit most halls, and will probably be mad to do all four days next year as this show actually requires it, two days definitely don’t cut it any more. There is so much to see, and talk of course!

A few things at ISE 2015 we really liked:

The Transparent Oled Display by Planar, very nice, and above all slick. The unit was inside its stand, a bit hidden from general view, but people still swarmed to it, to check it out.



The Microsoft Surface Hub had our biggest interest, and we ended up visiting the Microsoft Stand 3x during our two days at ISE 2015.


The stand itself was a humble affair and in the far end of Hall 8. There was plenty of demoing going on with all types of different scenarios but it in the end it all comes down to the collaborative work environment.


This is could be and actually should be the next conference room tool. The whole set-up was devoid of a full Windows 10 or Office integration, and that eventually has the potential to become its killer app, because once you integrate spreadsheets and documents it becomes a valuable tool for every participant, overall this could have a rather stimulating influence on the employees with this additional interaction. They will be more engaged no doubt.


The SurfaceHub comes in two sizes 55 and 82 inch, has two cameras and speakers, has a built-in pc and comes with a stylus, which, since we had a go ourselves, is very smooth to interact with. Software-wise there was already plenty to interact with and that’s before Windows 10 and MS Office are added on! This brings us to a criticism about content on most stands, overall it was just too shallow and not very imaginative as from what we saw in general that people were interacting only for seconds instead of minutes.


In short: a very promising start and we would love to know when it will be out fully packaged, as we do want one!

When it comes to projection, Barco does not disappoint.


LG 105″ 5K multitouch screen, making a 2×1 multitouch wall set-up with 55″ screens wall almost obsolete. Very bright and responsive screen. Yeah nice!


Iiyama PCAP (12TP) in 42, 46 and 55, Impressive.


LED walls have taken  huge steps forward with its display quality like this one from Hibino.


Prestop had the iPhone charger safe with touch screen (L) and the 55 inch PCAP Microsoft Perceptive Pixel multi touch screen on a mobile electric stand (R). We did not see anyone else displaying this fab touch screen.


Overall, ISE 2015 was an incredible show, but having better Wifi would help, even on some of the stands the reception was the equivalent of a 14400 modem.

Needless to say that we will be back next year for the whole four days to deal with another overdose of AV viagra. Simply beautiful.

NEC Showcase 2014 London Velodrome

This year’s NEC Showcase was being held at London’s Olympic Velodrome, a great location to say the least. A major improvement compared to last year’s venue The Tobacco Docks which compartmentalised everything way too much and the sunlight beaming in did some screens no favours either. The 2012 event’s location, the o2 arena, is still our personal fave though!

The two day event, a first, attracted just over 1.500 visitors, up again compared to last year. The sunny weather helped for walking towards the venue.

NEC Screen Event 2014


We saw quite a few things that were interesting showing a few highlights below.

The introduction of NFC card reading technology in conjunction with multitouch documents and way-finding software,  was a welcome surprise, it saves clients  from having to type their details in as they are already on display!


photo 5



The interactive coffee ordering system was a fun gadget to interact with.

photo 3-1


Augmented reality in conjunction with window display digital signage, which can be utilised for many different purposes.


photo 1


The curved wall by PsCo, a major improvement compared to last year’s setup. Very nice!

photo 2

Bit of a let down was the quality of the catering, there were quite a few complaints amongst us, but nevertheless  a very good event with some excellent digital signage on display.

Looking forward to NEC Showcase 2015.