During an Urbanflood workshop in Boston, Lincs., Touchez provided a Philips BDT4225EK/32, a 42” multi touch screen at a 45 degrees angle information kiosk with 32 touch points.

Originally designed for the Microsoft Surface 1, and adapted for Windows 7 multi touch, it demonstrated the Urbanflood; an early warning system and analytical multi-touch software.


The UrbanFlood project will create an Early Warning Sensor framework that can be used to link sensors via the Internet to predictive models and emergency warning systems.

The data collected from the sensors will be interpreted to assess the condition and likelihood of failure; different models will be used to predict the failure mode and subsequent potential inundation in near real time. Through the Internet, additional computer resources required by the framework are made available on demand.



The project includes a number of European pilot sites to apply and validate at full scale the technology being developed in the project, one of which is near Grand Sluice Boston, Lincolnshire UK.

The gathered data are being used to detect anomalies, supported by an Artificial Intelligence system. If an anomaly is detected, this then triggers assessment of the likelihood of levee breach. If this exceeds a certain threshold ability, an assessment of the behaviour of the embankments and the consequences of failure in real time via on-demand computing capacity in the Web/Cloud.


This IT element is the next generation of tools that has the potential to be used by emergency managers. Results can be interrogated via a multi-touch interrogation facility which were demonstrated at the workshop.


Touchez provided the  Philips BDT4225EK/32 information kiosk with 32 touch points, it is also available with 6 touch points. The screen draws considerable less electric power compared to other brands.

The Philips multi-touch kiosk is available to hire in the sizes 42″ and 55″. Contact us with your requirements.


Watch a brief video of the Philips multi-touch kiosk and the software below: