Social Media Automation Software.

For a large scale sports event in Central London Touchez was asked to come up with a Social Media Automation Software set-up that allowed a customer to be photographed in a defining moment: to score the final slam dunk. This capture, entitled Slam Cam would then be added to their social media time line on Facebook.

An assignment for us that had a four week deadline from start to finish.


Customers would stand on a set of steps and strike a slam dunk style pose  and this would then be captured by 10 cameras simultaneously, These photographs were then placed in their own folders from which they were grabbed and  stitched together into a movie, with a ‘Matrix-style’ feel to it.

Then a branded intro and ending were added on from which the movie would  be rendered into a video file ready to be uploaded to the user’s Facebook timeline.


The team and the computer managed to capture an average of 350 movies per day over the 10 day period, an astonishing result, which would only have been possible by automating the gathering and morphing of the photographs together with the video files in quick succession.