About Touchez.


 Touchez (pronounced too-shay)was formed by Bart Kamp in 2011 who had been active in the multitouch industry for three years prior starting his own company.

In the decade before that  he was active in the AV sector working on large scale projects at Luton Airport, various Soho hospitality venues such as Planet Hollywood, Cheers and GAY, in Soho, Central London and investment banks in Mayfair such as Alliance & Bernstein and DB Zwern.


GAY London AV Install-1

GAY Soho 2003


Planet Hollywood-2003-Bartolomy

Planet Hollywood 2001


In the summer of 2008 he joined Mindstorm, the Wood Green based tech company which provided multitouch surfaces such as the iBar, iWall and iTable all over Europe’s Expos and hospitality sector venues. The main technology consisted of rear projected surfaces that used cameras to track either objects or fingers in conjunction with software applications or effects.


the rutland

The Rutland Hotel, Edinburgh 2008

Deutsche Bank Vienna Exhibition 2009

Deutsche Bank Vienna Exhibition 2009

Tudour Lounge Guildford Interactive screen  and projection installation 2009

Due to the the ‘big crash’ Mindstorm eventually had to let him go, but he found a new occupation straight after, at Smart AV, the AV hire company based in Harlow, where he became their interactive solutions manager.

The year after Touchez was born, combining knowledge of the AV and the Multitouch industry to be able to deliver a service for touch interactive hardware and software.

Initially Touchez provided  rear projected surfaces for the exhibit and marketing events, only for the company to change track and work with multitouch screens in various sizes and settings.

iBar by Touchez

iBar by Touchez

MLB Dugout real-time data in conjunction with multitouch.

In 2014 and 2015 Bart Kamp was Head of R&D and New Technology at Engage Production (now Engage Works), and closely involved with the build  and the introduction of new technology companies to the The Flux Lounge and also installations for AMEX, BA, SAP, British Land and Bloomberg to name a few.

Touchez wants to bring people together to learn, to collaborate, develop, entertain and explore by using exciting interactive technology.

We want to merge commercial and marketing needs, human interaction with computers, with creative flair and technical knowledge to build interactive experiences for brands and agencies.